Born 1949 in Gothenburg Sweden. Stubborn from birth to learn more about everything, nothing and something all at once… of course.
First education Systemprogrammer 1971
Latest up to now Teacher Geography, History, Religion and Social knowledge.

Voting on Sweden’s Conservative Party – MODERATERNA
Economic political view – right
Social political view – left
Theory of Science I embrase: Positivist-Holist. In short words: try to find as much information as possible – don’t select at that time. Second phase Use theories of science to valuate the information gained, source-valuation and source critical approach before next step in process to find what’s probably happened.

I once married a golden apple – but the apple was rotten within. Divorced. How ever: I got the best gift anyone can gain. A daughter. Now 30 years old, married and expecting early next year(2014)


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